Jersey Jack Pinball set out to design and manufacture what we believe to be, the greatest pinball machines in the world. The company is comprised of people who have a passion for pinball.

Easy to play – difficult to master, our games feature several industry firsts, including the use of LCD screens, LED lighting, rich audio, and interactive technology designed to provide an enhanced player experience, engage hardcore players and draw new players to the game of pinball.

Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) is the industry leader in quality and technical innovation, designing groundbreaking pinball machines made for players, collectors and newcomers to the game. Made in America, our head-turning machines are crafted by artisans and innovators with a nod to the game’s rich history and an eye towards the future.

Our Story

Jersey Jack Pinball began when veteran amusement industry figure Jack Guarnieri saw that the time was right for premium, no-compromise new pinball machines.

Drawing upon more than 36 years in the industry, first servicing electro-mechanical pinball machines, later developing amusement centers, designing games, and pioneering online sales, Jack set out to create what he believed to be, the greatest pinball machines.

Encouraged by customers and friends, he created the company and began assembling people with a deep understanding of the craft and passion for the game, including industry legends such as designer Pat Lawlor, artist John Youssi, and programmers Ted Estes and Keith Johnson.

Soon, people began to notice and the rest is history.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

Once you play a JJP game, you understand the level of attention to detail, innovation and mechanical magic captured in our machines. Jersey Jack Pinball machines are playable works of art that are built to last and mark unique milestones in the history of the game, providing owners an exceptional value from day one and for years to come. We’re committed to creating machines that feature the qualities valued by the game’s most discerning players and collectors, and to advancing the category through innovation and accessibility, time and again proving that pinball is a game for the ages.

Our People

Our games are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States by people – many of whom have worked in pinball most of their lives.

From challenging rule sets to the intricate artwork, we strive to build the best pinball games in the world.

We’re passionate about quality and take great care in every game. We also care deeply about our customers and are committed to their satisfaction.

Please contact your nearest authorized Jersey Jack Pinball distributor to learn more and to purchase one of our games!